In an era of deep changes, spatial perceptions are more prevalent within our shelters, and they alter our conception of the living and work places. Confronted by multiple boundaries, we are encouraged to explore the meanings of home and other everyday spaces, condensed in our nearby environment. This resonates with the practice of many artists, as their working habits are disrupted and confronted them even more with the notion of concealment. Whether it is the inaccessibility of their production sites or their exhibitions venues. They experience their living spaces intensely, transforming them into a receptacle of contestation, (re)invention and creation, bringing out new time-spaces. These engaged habitats indistinctly juxtapose individual (mental), relational (to others) and historical spaces that the guests will seek to translate in the frame of the residency an• other here.


an• other here is a nomadic art residency, founded by the artist Lea Mugnaini and the independent curator Livia Tarsia in Curia. The first edition takes place in a private home, with Berlin as a starting city. It is located in southwest of the city, between two gorgeous lakes: Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke. The environment, where the residents are invited to create and experiment, is composed of a house, and an authentic and functional 40-square meter garage with direct access to a large and colorful garden. an• other here expands the traditional definition of a private space by encompassing both methods of art production and sites of critical exchanges. We support regional artists only and give them the opportunity to extend their places of production, research, and encounter in their nearby environment.


One of our main concern is to generate “collisions” of creative minds locally, but an• other here focus is also to take care of the artists during their time at the residency. We consider conviviality as a relevant social factor; it is “generative of sharing, generosity and giving”. This time-space includes moments where we cook and eat together. By displacing hierarchy codes we like to lift up a new approach of an art residency and open informal exchanges about personal art experiences and beliefs.
According to the needs of each artistic project, the residency an• other here will include equipment, tools and digital communication for promoting each project. Before, during and after the residency our team gives a curatorial and technical support to the project which the artist wants to develop here.
Other activities related to the disciplines of our guests will be also be organized during their time of residence.

Lea Mugnaini

is a multidisciplinary artist. She studied Fine art at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and is currently finishing her masters degree at the UDK University of Art, Berlin. Lea’s artistic approach examines and analyzes how structures and forms are the essential carrier of our felt environment. Her work is an ensemble of a visual archetypal vocabulary within essential shapes. Lea is an active member of the art association Peninsula, which was founded by the Italian artist Loris Cecchini. She takes part as an artist and is involved in the realization of their exhibitions and venues.

Livia Tarsia In Curia

is an independent curator. Her curatorial practice has been developed through collaborative projects in Berlin, Paris, and Tbilisi since 2015. Livia is co-founder of the young curators collective Polynome, an association created following her masters studies Sciences et Technique de l’Exposition, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Based in Paris, this initiative operates in an informal and decentralized way. The topics that are explored focus mainly on the social and democratic artistic practices that emerge in response to the current system dominated by late capitalism.